run the tan jardin tan

Regular visitors who run the tan, a 3.8km track that loops the Botanic Gardens and King’s Domain, have reason to run a little faster with the opening of a new Shannon Bennett-backed cafe – Jardin Tan. Think modern Vietnamese with lots of timber spaces and edible decoration. The outdoor kiosk area seats around 100 and… 

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orange and almond cake

This week I mentioned putting aside any almond meal you might have left over after making almond milk. Today I’ll sure you why. I present you with a quick and painless orange and almond cake. It’s easy to prepare, something you can whip up for gluten and dairy free friends and more importantly tasty. I… 

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Almond Milk

almond milk

Everyone’s crazy for almond milk right now. I’ve always been quite partial to soy but since a doctor recommended I try out a FODMAP diet and avoid soy, I’ve wondered about the alternatives (FODMAPs is an acronym referring to Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. Complex names for molecules that some people poorly absorb). The amount of alternatives tends to… 

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Pipi e patati


Marrying an Italian Australian has some wonderful benefits.  Sure, there was the time I ate boiled pig fat just to keep a Nonna happy but you only live once and imagine my delight at being given instructions for killing a chicken: “just put your foot on the flappy thing and twist”. Excellent! Being a big… 

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Simple Salsa Recipe


Mexican food is having quite the revival at the moment.  Personally I love anything involving guacamole and melted cheese but I’m even more enamoured with coriander. It’s a contentious herb.  A friend once coined it the “devil’s weed” so this salsa is probably not for him.  For anyone else not particularly impressed with the store… 

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