Career paths

Another year of university is over. Usually I’d be firmly ensconced in the second week of a summer unit but I’m spent. I’ve watched my grades slowly dip from HDs to Cs and to be honest, my life’s been following a similar trajectory. If I keep it up I should be failing school, and possibly life, by Autumn.

My tutor mentioned the focus on my last essay wasn’t narrow enough. I’ve been having similar concerns with my career. I’ve never had a burning ambition for one vocation. Some people have always known what they wanted to be. That’s not something that ever resonated with me but I’m deep in the trenches of revising careers and I’m okay with that. There are no rules anymore. I’m embracing new opportunities and beginning to sound out new ones.

I’m frequently asked by well-meaning friends “what’s the plan?” and I find myself searching for an answer that will placate them so they don’t ask me again in six weeks time. My degree incorporates Public Relations, Journalism, Business Communications, New Media, film and television. Its focus is broad like mine. It’s teaching me wonderful new things and sometimes that’s more than enough.

My plan isn’t set in stone. It involves taking risks. It involves children. It involves a husband with a taxing career. It doesn’t encompass having it all because quite frankly I don’t buy it. I’m still excited and I’m so glad I made changes. I just need a little summer hiatus.

The immediate plans involve reading books. Remember those?  I’ve been busy inhaling my Christmas tree and feeling the warm sun on bare arms. I’m spending less time yelling and more time singing along to Christmas carols and fantasizing about four-year-old kindergarten. It’s time my husband and kids saw the best of me for a change.

Have you ever changed careers late(r) in life?  What do you have planned over the holiday period, can you recommend any books?