Break-up songs

Have you been through your CD collection recently?  I have and there were some absolute clangers in there.

Uh-huh.  Dido’s White Flag.  Laugh all you like but I’m in good company – apparently in the UK alone, 152,000 people bought it in ONE day.  I’m not sure if they were nursing broken hearts too but there’s a reason I can make an impression at a karaoke party by scoring over 9,000 points on Singstar with this song and I blame my husband.

In 2003 we parted ways for about four months.  I could be wrong but it might have had something to do with him getting over a broken engagement and working in the same small, confined office.  I learnt how to eavesdrop on telephone conversations from 14 feet away and only occasionally get crucial words wrong “She said ‘sweep’ together, not ‘sleep’ together!”  I had visions of us eating sandwiches in the park on our lunch break and that’s not how it went down at all.

It all turned out great though and we can really laugh about it now “Haha remember that time you ripped out my heart??!”  Well okay, maybe not.  I actually forgot to eat for about three days and gave myself crippling heartburn.  I once walked in front of a tram because I saw him heading in my direction.  The man crushed me like a paper cup and I like to remind him of it when I don’t feel like changing a nappy or I need to distract him during an argument.   Because I’m female I’m pretty sure that’s allowed.

So Dido stays.  She sits alongside Jeff Buckley’s Lover, You Should Have Come Over, Ben Harper’s Beloved One and Stevie Wonder’s I Don’t Know Why I Love You.  They are classics and I hope I never have to listen to them on repeat ever again.

 Have you got a favourite break-up song?