Blog Comments

There’s no shortage of blogging how-to’s on the web and one tip that seems to regularly get thrown around is the need to read other blogs and write comments.

Some comment threads are a community unto themselves and sometimes just as enjoyable to read.  Commenting is an easy way to form online friendships or get your work – whatever that may be – out to a wider audience but I’ve discovered it has some irritating quirks.

  • There are occasional criticisms regarding sycophants – you know the “you are so fabulous” and “I love you so much” type stuff.  I’m not sure it’s entirely fair making these criticisms when everybody gets told that commenting is the key to building a following.  I like to believe that people aren’t stupid and can quickly decipher who’s telling the truth (they’re usually the ones not linking up to their website three times).
  • If you’re never going to reply to comments do you think it is still worth opening up a comments section?
  • Link-ups are a great way to discover new blogs but I think cutting back is sometimes a great way to test how you stand on your own two feet.  It’s also a pretty quick way to discover who’s commenting because they want to not because they have to – not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Some link-ups are popular with good reason though and the support and encouragement can be amazing.  Others provide link-ups with no expectations other than a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  • Be careful how and where you comment.  Some people will sit back and let others rip into you for the sake of more stats.   This may or may not come up on a google search and you’ll probably kick yourself for taking the bait.  This is why I only use “Carli” and not my site or my surname.  Familiarise yourself with a site’s stance on moderating because some take the viewpoint of “delete nothing” while others don’t tolerate nastiness.  Obviously the larger a website becomes the more difficult it gets to moderate abusive comments so jump into places like Mamamia the Herald Sun or Essential Baby with your safety gear on.
  • Beware the strawman argument – I’ve only been blogging for 11 months but I’ve already seen a handful of people misrepresent another blogger’s position, either on their blog or via twitter, in order to disprove an argument or further their own agenda.  It’s transparent.
  • Beware the lynch party.  I was once guilty of leaving a comment on a post because I felt it was particularly nasty.  I can only assume what followed was a string of similar feedback because the website temporarily shut down.  I’m not sure a lynch style method is the right way to go even if a post has hit below the belt.  Ignore.  Ignore. Ignore.  It’s my new mantra.
  • With so many bloggers commenting on other people’s blogs it’s natural that posts about blogging (such as this one) will become more prevalent.  Are you still with me??  It’s easy to forget that other people are reading and sure, it might not reflect on your stats, but I’m pretty sure they don’t always want to read blogs posts about blog posts.


What quirks have you found about blog comments?  Are you sick of blog posts about blog posts?  Do you disagree with my findings?  I’m open to having my views challenged :)