Better get a lawyer son

Have you ever had cause to sign an incident report?  I saw a few in my former years of working in banking and finance.  I once had to provide a statutory declaration after a woman in Italy tried to flee with 5,000 dollars of her employee’s money that I had wired to their account.  I was 23 and I thought I was about to share a cell with Bea Smith.  Death by arm in iron press!

Dare I say they are commonplace in many workplaces but what about preschools?  The other morning I was told of a kerfuffle between my son and another child.  Thankfully it was nothing too serious and the other parent involved still smiles and says hello so onward and upwards.  But then this happened:

Now I know this may come as a surprise, but this is not the original document.  The one I signed had a disclaimer and more red.  Lots of red.  Is this normal?  Do I need to get myself a lawyer?

We’re living in a brand new world of parenting and sometimes it frightens me.  I heard a story last week that involved two friends and their preschoolers.  One child bit the other child’s hand and the mother was so inclined to put a picture up on her Facebook page declaring that this was what happened when people weren’t watching her child at preschool.  Cue outpouring of sympathy from other parents, including some from the preschool.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds like a bunch of adults bullying a three year old?  I know it’s awful to see pain inflicted on your child, particularly if it might seem a parent isn’t taking steps to curb certain behaviour (not the norm in my opinion) but really?  We are talking about little children.  Three and four year old children.

Better get a lawyer son.  Better get a real good one



  1. says

    Ha,ha,ha.. Bea Smith! My brother once accused me of dressing like her, when I once tried to rock a denim frock! It’s getting quite ridiculous, isn’t it. I was terrified a few months back when a little friend of my son’s broke his arm at my place. He just leant over on his arm and said it was sore so I gave him some ice and a chocolate bar. Next day, the Mum informed that they spent all night in the hospital with kid screaming in pain. What??? After my dismay at the poor little mite’s predicament, my thoughts did turn to lawsuits. I said my prayers. All is good now… but these days, anything can happen. Red print is never good. Better still, “son, be a lawyer”! A-M xx

    • Mrs.Savage says

      Do you know my sister had a party when she was small and my parents sent a friend home with a broken arm? It must be fairly common surely? Glad to hear there were no lawsuits :)

  2. says

    Our society is sooooo risk adverse that where once they would have applied a bandaid and got on with the job, a 5 page form needs to be filled out. And if people put up pictures like that on FB no wonder organisations need to cover them selves. Kids have accidents, kids have disagreements with each other, sometimes kids hurt each other a bit. I’m not saying ignore systematic bullying, but lets get some perspective. It is ok for our kids to get hurt at times – it is how they learn!

  3. says

    Ha ha I have signed any number of incident reports at Jaden’s daycare. Mostly he is the hurtee but once he was the hurter. Oh the shame! It’s always been typical ‘this is what kids do to each other’ stuff though. Poor daycare having to get parents to sign away on this stuff!

  4. says

    Oh dear. This comment is incredibly judgmental I do apologize in advance but to anyone who would be surprised that a child hurt their child (the Facebook photo people), do they actually spend much time around their children? I’m trying ridiculously hard to teach my 2 year old not to fight with her little friends at playgroup and church but it’s really really hard.

  5. Kim | Melbourne Mum says

    It’s so ridiculous. Inky was at one stage the Biter of the Baby’s room. Nearly every day I had to sign an incident report and was often confronted by the sight of some poor kid with a massive welty bitey thing on their FACE which I knew she’d inflicted. But she was, like, 18 months old. The carers were good about it and reassured me it was just a phase, but I would have been mortified if the parents of the inflictee had Facebooked that shit. Crikey!

    Even at 3 and 4 years old, they’re learning. I’m sure we did the same stuff when we were the same age, but today’s culture of extreme risk-adversion is getting a bit ridiculous and we know we can get IMMEDIATE feedback/sympathy from anywhere in the world on Facebook, Twitter etc. Yeah, it scares me, too. Kx

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