Arts Centre Melbourne Giveaway


If blogging gave me nothing but free tickets to art gigs in Melbourne, I’d be a happy clam.  I love my home town and its penchant for weird and wonderful and hidden and tasty and hip.

The summer series at the Arts Centre is currently home to some great shows.  I’ll be stalking checking out fellow former bayside resident Eddie Perfect and Tripod next week, while the Blaze street performance shows have also had some fantastic reviews.

I have two double passes to give away for both Blaze and circus experience Oh Suivant! Direct from Belgium and suitable for all ages, it’s a 60 minute performance that incorporates theatrics, humour and even the littler attendees judging by the cute clip below.

The Oh Suivant! passes are valid for Friday the 18th of January at 11am while the Blaze tickets are for Wednesday the 23rd of January at 8pm.  To be in the running simply tell me in the comments below what it is you love about Melbourne.  Make sure you mention which show you’d like passes to and please include a valid email address (you will need to do this if you’ve commented from Facebook).

Entries are now closed. Congratulations to Jennifer and Phemie.

Entries close this Sunday the 13th of January at 6pm.  Winners will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is drawn.  Good luck!


  1. PhemiEology says

    YAY! First to comment!

    The thing I have loved most about moving to Melbourne is its whole hearted
    embrace of things ‘on the outside’ of society. Things and people that are a
    little left of centre, left of normal, and “different”. But the BEST
    thing about that, is that rather than these people and things ending up only
    being in certain areas of life, suburbs, or society, you end up with a WHOLE
    CITY filled with everyone just a little left of centre…. Which of course moves
    the centre….making “normal” the abnormal. LOVE IT…. Feels like
    I’m home :-D.

    I’d LOVE to see BLAZE –

  2. zia word says

    I LOVE Melbourne because of it’s spirit. I moved here from London and while I still love London – Melbourne is my home. Always something to do but not too much that you are over-stretched or miss out. Great food, great culture, great people and I love the Victorian houses.

  3. RossS12 says

    I love the opportunity to check out lots of live shows and exhibitions without waiting for a festival to come around.

    Oh Suivant! please

  4. Effie Bakkalis says

    The women are glamorous,
    The men are amorous,
    The city is exciting,
    Its parks are inviting,
    The attractions are majestic,
    And the shopping is fantastic!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity – I’d love Blaze tickets please!
    Cheers, Effie (

  5. JBMarigold says

    I LOVE that Melbourne is ever-changing – the seasons, the street life, the cafe of the moment, the people, their sports and the culture that’s continuously on show!

    Oh Suivant! please
    Jennifer (

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