Are you the ticket keeper?

ticket keeper

Who holds your movie tickets when you’re out with friends or family? Are you the ticket keeper? The alpha male or female who always takes control and quietly places those important bits of paper into your wallet or purse; safe in the knowledge you will not misplace them? Or perhaps you’re the wishy-washy scatterbrain who nervously requests someone else hold onto the goods?

I used to be the scatterbrain, in many ways I still am. My eldest sister used to be the alpha female but I can sense she’s had enough. Far too often I find its now me in charge of the movie, concert, theatre, spoken word ticket and I’m scared.

Its OK when you’re dealing with $40 dollars worth of cinema tickets but this week over $200 dollars worth of Foo Fighters tickets arrived in the letterbox and I have to remember where these are for the next THREE MONTHS!  I’m often walking around my own home, room to room, wondering where I’m going or what I was looking for so this is an exercise in torture.

My husband thrives on being the ticket holder. I asked whether he was ever concerned about losing them and his solution was just to buy more. Is it really so simple?  I can only aspire to be like this. I think it will always be in my nature to be rummaging through twenty random pieces of paper in the cinema queue looking for tickets I fear I dropped whilst deciding between boysenberry or mint.


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