Are you the ticket keeper?

Foo fighters tickets

Who holds your movie tickets when you’re out with friends or family?  Are you the alpha male/female who always takes control and quietly places those flimsy bits of paper into your wallet/purse safe in the knowledge you will not misplace them?  Or are you the wishy-washy scatterbrain who nervously requests someone else hold onto the goods?

I used to be scatterbrain, in many ways I still am.  My eldest sister used to be the alpha female but I can sense she’s had enough.  Far too often I find its now me in charge of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest and I’m scared.

Its fine when you’re dealing with $40 dollars worth of cinema tickets but this week over $200 dollars worth of Foo Fighters tickets arrived in the letterbox and I have to remember where these are for the next THREE MONTHS!  I’m often walking around my own home, room to room, wondering where the hell I’m going or what I was looking for so this is an exercise in torture.

Mr.Savage tells me he is “happy” to be the ticket holder.  I asked whether he was ever concerned about losing movie tickets and he simply replied, “I’d just go back and get some more”.  Too easy.  I can only aspire to be like this.  I think it will always be in my nature to be rummaging through twenty random pieces of paper in the cinema queue looking for tickets I fear I dropped whilst deciding between boysenberry or mint.


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