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Somewhere in the midst of studying a university degree, raising two children under 4 and writing this blog, I found myself thinking ‘hey, why not start another blog!  I know, I’ll start a food blog!”.

I’m continually trying to evolve this space and lately it feels that posting restaurant reviews and recipes feels a little out of step with the rest of the blog.  People occasionally ask if I get paid to eat at these places.  Um, that would be a no and I’m firmly planted in the camp that says full disclosure of paid or sponsored posts should be a legal expectation so if I was, I would let you know.

Going forward you can find all my restaurant, cafe, food and drink stuff over here:

You can follow the facebook page here

And on twitter  here


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  1. I’ve got two blogs too and it can be hard work at times. I have two Twitter and FB accounts and keeping up with them is hard enough. Starting the new blog was the hardest because I am doing so well with my wildlife one, so having to go back to small hits was hard. But I’m enjoying the experience of having a more creative blog now too so there are plenty of perks to have two. Good luck! I’m off to give you some like love!

  2. Awesome, another foodie blog to add to my collection.

    I did the same thing with my recipe posts a few years back. It just seemed neater and easier to have them all in one place. One day I may even get around to indexing them.

  3. Yvette Bowyer

    fabulous! Good luck!! All my recipes are in my blog atm… but hoping to do more so I can start another one!! I live in Perth – and never been to melbourne *except the airport on my way to NZ* but you have a new follower :) xx

  4. I think that’s a great idea! As a non Melbourne resident, I’m probably not going to visit it unless I’m on holiday, but if I do go, it will be the place to check out.
    Plus. Once it catches on, maybe you will start getting paid to eat at places!

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