2012. What I missed.

A magazine called In Touch talking about $1 million dollar push presents.....

A magazine called In Touch talks about $1 million dollar push presents?

As the year winds down to an end, please allow me to reflect on the moments of 2012 that went straight over my head:

The Olympics

Excellent Danny Boyle opening ceremony this is GREAT! 

Is it over yet?

Peter Slipper

When it comes to edible underwater creatures, mussels would have to be my favourite. I’d really like to continue eating them so this goes straight into the ‘la la la la not listening‘ box.

Petraeus Sex Scandal

Was it just me that could only think about The Simpsons Planet of the Apes musical?

Help! The humans have escaped! Get your paws off me your dirty ape! Ooh help me Dr. Petraeus!


In meditation, they suggest picking a word to use as your mantra, like ‘om’. Well my word is ‘Myki’ – say it enough times and I go into such a meditative state I fall asleep.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy

I’ve been fooled so many times by the cover of New Woman’s Weekly Idea that I doubted the accuracy. I still don’t know what the hell’s going on. I spotted a magazine at mum’s place that said she was having twins. I asked “Is she having twins?” and mum said “No, she’s not having twins”. STOP DOING THAT MAGAZINES!

Did any of the above go over your head this year? What passed you by?


  1. Mumabulous says

    The tattle rags trotted out the Kate is up the duff stories at least once a week – they had to get it right eventually. What’s Myki?

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