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on the gold coast

3 Unexpected Things that Happened on the Gold Coast

Before I go into the weird and wonderful things that happened to me on the Gold Coast, a little housekeeping. Firstly, congrats to Natasha for winning the Sunbeam Electric Heated Blanket. Believe me when I say she deserves it. Secondly, for those who subscribe to the blog, I’ll be sending out a weekly wrap up… 

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brightening face peel

Brightening Face Peel review

I’ve never been one for face peels, particularly before an event. Remember the veil Samantha from Sex & The City wore to Carrie’s book launch? “I just wanted to look a little fresh” “You look like beef carpaccio!” Needless to say, I now find myself staring down the barrel of a Botox gun and as… 

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flying alone for the first time

Flying Alone for the First Time

I was so excited heading to the Gold Coast this week but it struck me on the way to the airport that I had no business being there. None. Zip. Zilch. That’s probably surprising given I just wrote about how pumped I was to have a three day leave pass (and I thank everyone for… 

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leave pass


Later this week I have the exceptional fortune of a three day leave pass. Flying interstate for a conference that involves learning all about blogging and social media while being well out of the “return home phone call” danger zone is both thrilling and disconcerting at the same time. It’s almost too difficult to describe… 

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energy solutions


This post is in partnership with Origin Energy When you think about our lifestyle today in comparison to our parent’s generation, we have a great deal more choice. Sure, we’re faced with our own problems; longer working hours, cost of living, unemployment, an ageing population, but we enjoy the luxury of convenience. As a kid,… 

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run the tan jardin tan


Regular visitors who run the tan, a 3.8km track that loops the Botanic Gardens and King’s Domain, have reason to run a little faster with the opening of a new Shannon Bennett-backed cafe – Jardin Tan. Think modern Vietnamese with lots of timber spaces and edible decoration. The outdoor kiosk area seats around 100 and… 

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What is a SheEO you ask?

I recently discovered a new term for female CEOs – SheEO. It’s possible I’ve been living under a rock because a quick internet search yields several results for SheEO. Some involve businesses doing admirable work to address the under-representation of women in business or start-ups so I’m apprehensive to critique the word. From a marketing… 

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